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Repair Log

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• 1999: Jul - Dec
• 1999: Jan - Jun
• 1998: Jul  - Dec
• 1998: Jan - Jun
• 1997: Oct - Dec

The following is a partial record of what goes on in the background of the ownership of these vintage machines. As you can see - in the words of the immortal Monty Burns - "it is not all hams and plaques..."

I've received many emails since the log went online. The variety of different maintenance and repair tasks seem to be typical of what others encounter. The repair log periods are listed in the inset; latest repairs at the top.

CB/CL 72/77 Electronic Ignition

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What about Restorations?  |  Technical Questions (& Answers !)

At some point, I will include a restoration pictorial that has been promised to me by a well known restorer of these fine bikes.  I'd love to devote a section to anyone's well documented Superhawk restoration. Please let me know if you would like your restoration featured on

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