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Honda Superhawk - Charging System

Honda Superhawk

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OK, "Work In Progress" here...

The bikes of the 60s are known for their inefficient charging systems (as are the bikes from the 70s, 80s and other decades too). The Honda Superhawks and Scramblers being no exception, updating the system is a desired improvement.

Not many have gone from this theory, to practice, but John Dugen has - and lived to tell about it. I offer John's write up, as received, for your examination and comments: it can be downloaded as a MS Word file, below. Your comments on the topic would be most welcome on the H305 Mailing List, where John made his "Bosch Conversion" announcement.

Updating the CB77 Charging System

Downloadable MS Word text file. If asked for a password, just press the "Cancel" button and the file should display in a new window...

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