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Vintage Honda Marketplace

Vintage Honda Marketplace

Bill Silver

How to order Honda Restoration CDs from Bill Silver:

Mailing address: 526 Granite View Lane, Spring Valley, CA 91977

Telephone: Phone: 619-475-5990 or 858-740-6478 cell

Email: Bill Silver -

Payment is requested in $USD, by either personal or bank check or Postal Money Order.

Foreign checks in US$ drawn on US-based banks (like Citi-Bank), Traveler's checks in $USD, or by VISA/MC/AMEX credit cards (small surcharge applies) are also accepted.

You may also send 2-3 separate email messages with your CC info (including your expiration date, phone number and mailing address).

Feel free to phone 619-475-5990, to either leave a message with your CC number, exp. date, phone number and mailing address or for more information directly, if I am available.


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