Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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I've always wondered: does anyone read the stuff on this site? I hope that you will give me some feedback.

Interesting fact - this site enjoys a very international patronage. According to the logs, between 15% and 20% of all visitors come from outside of the US.  Here is a partial roster of countries where people take a special interest in these old Hondas:

Canada Denmark Indonesia Germany
Australia Ireland Singapore France
Japan England Belgium Greece
Finland Argentina New Zealand Italy
Sweden Netherlands South Africa Hungary
Malaysia Mexico Brazil Slovenia
Israel Norway Switzerland Thailand
United Arab
Philippines Czech
Taiwan Colombia Costa Rica Hong Kong
Mozambique Iceland India Portugal
Spain Romania Poland Russia

Thank you for stopping by.

What about"Parts For Trade?" Some time ago a "motorcycle parts swap" discussion took place on the VJMC list. This gave me the idea of expanding the use of my guestbook to allow people to post what they have available for trade and what they would like to trade for.

Please feel free to Post what you have available for Trade and what you would like in exchange. Other visitors will be able to see your message by viewing the Guestbook. To see What others have to Trade and their remarks, you can View the Guestbook.


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