Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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Honda SuperHawk Electronic Ignition: CB72, CB77, CP77, CYP77

Instrument Cluster Variants

Although Honda Superhawks came with two general variants of the Instrument Cluster - differentiated by the direction of the needle sweep (Type I - opposing direction on the early models and Type II - same direction on the late) - many variations on the theme have been produced.

Ed Moore has generously shared his knowledge and photographs to compile the different varieties known to collectors and restorers. Here is what has been recorded so far:

1961: Type Ia - No High Beam Indicator. Type Ia
1962: Type Ib - No High Beam Indicator, "Nippon-Seiki" on bottom center. Biggest difference between this type and the earlier one is the way it mounts into the housing. Type Ib
1963: Type Ic - Same face as 1962, but with a High Beam indicator at top, center. Type Ic
1964: Type Id - Same face as 1962/3, but no "HM" logo on the face. Type Id
1965: Type II - Needles sweep in the same direction. Type II
European & Domestic: Type IIk - Kilometer speedometer.
No High Beam indicator.
Type II-Km
Please note: The dates listed are best reasonable approximations. As the Vintage Honda Survey fills up with more entries, a more precise picture may emerge.

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