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Electronic Ignition Prototype



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CB77 Electronic Ignition - Prototype Unit

This is a working prototype of a fully electronic system for the 305cc and 247cc Honda Twins.  As you can see, once the "points" cover is back on, the bike will look completely stock.

If you won't tell, then no one will know that you no longer worry about such things as: points gap, points dwell, nor about the points cam lubricating wick.  Most importantly, no one will know that the timing of the left-side cylinder is set to precise and unwavering specifications.

The following is what the designer of this system told me about it:

"Electronic ignition for CB/CL 77s!?! I have just installed a prototype breaker-less ignition system on my '63 CB77! It uses a PC board with magnetic triggers. Trigger wheel slides over the point cam and is crimped in place. Small electronic box mounts next to backbone between the air cleaners. This system eliminates the problems associated with worn point cam bushings. Both sides fire accurately, even with a worn points cam/bushing. This is the first of possibly several other variations for these engines. Others may include fixed points cam with electronic advance, 360 degree Dream-style and racing version crankshaft triggered system. Price and availability are unknown at this time, but please inquire if you are truly interested in future updates on this product. "

"... [the] trigger wheel slips over [the] stock points cam and is retained by a locating ball and a crimped clamp."

It is my understanding that this system will eventually become commercially available.  Check back for further developments and progress reports.


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