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CYP77 Police Superhawk



CYP77: Oslo, Norway
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Here is Paul Strassmaier's statement - the most extensively researched body of CYP77 information to date...

"The bike is the first model CYP. It's a little confusing, but here's how it went:

Type (CYP77) 1963-64: This bike featured the Honda "type 2" motor, dual carbs, but a 360 degree crank and one set of points. The points covers are hard to find, and actually say "Type 2". Also has 17" wheels, special fenders, chainguard, solo seat, handlebars and switches, needle stop in big white speedo, patrol lights and a friction drive siren. The siren control is a dual perch on the clutch side of the handlebar that accommodates a C100 lever. When you pull back the small lever (which is located under the clutch lever) is pushes the spindle against the rear tire and starts the siren turning. The bike also has a full rear bumper, and one more setting on the ignition switch that provides power to the speedo (to hold the needle), and the patrol lights (to keep them on) after the bike stops. Another interesting feature is that on the CYP the patrol lights do not flash like other police bikes. I may adapt a flasher just because that sounds goofy not to have them flash.

Type CP77: Looks very much like a CB77, except that they painted it white, painted the fenders and sidecovers white, still had 18" wheels, and basically the same CB77 motor (I've heard the oil pump is different), and still had the siren and patrol lights, but no ticket box or rear bumper (had a little white rack behind the solo seat). Probably an effort to streamline production by using more SuperHawk parts in the bike. I haven't seen any of these bikes, but I have factory photos.

Late CP77: I've seen many of these coming out of Canada. In my CP77 parts book it lists them as "discontinued in year of manufacture". These bikes have CP77 numbers, but were not painted white, and didn't have any special parts from the factory, with the exception that many had turn signals..."


Paul Strassmaier    

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