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CYP77 Police Superhawk

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The Chosen One

Jan Hamre of Oslo, Norway, has known
about one CYP77 for
many years. In fact
he has owned it since
day one.

How did he do it?


...but here is the story that you so mysteriously lost in an e-mail. I wonder...

Back in the winter 1963-64 - word of Honda dealer in Oslo - 12 CP77s came to Europe, namely Switzerland. One was delivered to Finland, ordered by the Honda dealer, I believe in Helsingfors, for his own purposes. One went to Norway for sale to the Police in Oslo (teaser). The destiny of the other 10 bikes is not known, but maybe they are the [Police] Hondas traveling the mountain roads in Lebanon, in 1968 (Martin Warner)?

The Norwegian Police department was not at all interested in that tiny, little Japanese motorcycle. "We have the BMWs," they said. The Honda dealer was not very fond of that conclusion, and he then wanted to sell the CP77, if possible, to a private customer. This was not popular. Norwegian authorities did not like it, neither did Honda Europe Ltd. But the fans queued to have it. Hondas had been on sale in Norway since 1960, and they were very popular - and expensive.

That spring I had ordered a new C72 Dream for delivery late summer, my second Honda. My first was a C92 Benly. In May I became aware that the dealer had problems getting the clearance for that beautiful CP77 standing at the window in the show room. Maybe even I could have a chance?! Well, we made a deal, if I could pull it through, it was mine for a favourable price, instead of the C72.

The story is, I managed to push the right buttons with the authorities, the CP77 came through the needles eye, as one of kind. The Honda dealer does not know how, and I shall never tell. (I had to take the police-equipment away, though). As the story goes, it is still in my possession, and it has become a veteran (like myself). The CP77 is registered and in perfect working order. I take leisure-trips almost every sunny day in the short summertime. The registration papers say, oddly enough, CP77 ``Policemashine.``

When the bike got it`s veteran classification, the siren went back on. To use it, only in secret places, makes a true lot of ``noise,`` like in your old gangster-movies with police cars or police bikes with the wheeldriven sirens. A rare thrill.

To everyone interested, I tell them it does not work. Parts missing; the red lenses, however, are gone. So the only change to the bike is those clear side-lenses with their 20W bulbs.

The pictures show you a Honda CP77 Police just like it was delivered in 1964 except for age, a little rust, wear and dirt. The tachometer says about 85000 Kms. Guess if I am proud of that one. It has been to several shows just the way it is. The Honda-club of Norway does not ``allow`` me to do any restoration work on it. (We are a flock of 700+.)

On a TV-news programme back at the end of the 60žes I saw a CP77 just like my own, at work in Macao (Portugese colony east of Hong Kong). My wife thought I had gone mad. The Honda Company Ltd., Japan was never willing to give me any information on the CP77 what so ever. They did not like me. I am sorry [to say]. I believe Honda Motor Ltd. owes us some info. or explanation? Who speaks Japanese?

What I am missing mostly is information on horsepower and revolutions. There certainly is a lot of juice in this one! Even, though it has a Type 2 engine (estimated at 32HP at 6000 rpm), this CP-engine has it's own character.

The C72 Dream? Oh yes, after all, I had to have one. A model 1962, fully restored, stands in the garage. I just could not resist it. A red beauty! Spotless. A lot of work.

See what you can make out of this story, or should I say info.? And what is the technical info. on your own CP77? I'd like to know.

Friendly Jan, the chosen one.

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